Apartments in Venice Near the Train and Bus Station

How to arrive at Campo Santa Margherita


Reaching Campo Santa Margherita is very simple. Starting from the railway station "Venezia Santa Lucia", keep your right and you will reach the Ponte della Costituzione, designed by Santiago Calatrava. After crossing the bridge you will end up in Piazzale Roma (the only road junction in Venice for cars, buses and taxis). From Piazzale Roma, just walk along the canal Rio Novo (for about 7 minutes). If you prefer to reach by water bus, either from the train station or Piazzale Roma you can take the vaporetto line 1 (direction Rialto / San Marco) and get off at Ca 'Rezzonico stop (about 26/29 minutes by boat) or line 2 (direction Rialto / San Marco) and get off at San Toma stop. You can find the maps with directions in the link below.


Campo Santa Margherita

If you want to discover this city and immerse yourself in the true Venetian atmosphere, you are in the right place! The windows of Margherita House Venice overlook Campo Santa Margherita, without any doubt the most characteristic square in Venice. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to capture (taste?) the authentic spirit of Venice, next to the inhabitants carrying out their daily activities.

Looking through the window during the morning, you can see the movements of

the greengrocer, preparing his stall and getting ready for a new long working day; the florist, surrounded by his overflowing vases of fresh and colored flowers; waiters of the numerous restaurants, taverns and bars, busy setting the tables, the fishmongers, careful to save their precious fish from the beaks of seagulls.

Slowly then, you will see all shops come to life: the pharmacy, the supermarket, the mini-mart, the bakery, the butchery, the ice-cream shops, the herbal medicine shop, the library, the hardware shop and the tobacconist. Soon you will understand Santa Margherita’s dynamism. Its lights, its authenticity and unique beauty are the reasons why this area is the most loved by young people, artists, tourists and Venetians.